Dear Reader,

Welcome to our site. I am Doc Milligan and I would like to enhance my life’s ambition of helping my fellow Voyagers achieve good health.

My plan is to share my twenty-five plus years of experience in the healthcare field endeavoring to guide, cajole, coerce, and motivate you, and everyone you know to come aboard and join me on this Golden Voyage to fantastic health.

Voyage Log

I was born on a horse ranch in California, USA in 1956. I worked the family business building equestrian facilities until my mid-twenties when I began undergraduate studies.

I became involved in triathlon’s and began learning what protocols to follow to be the best I could be. Year after year, I kept studying and living in pursuit of human health. One day in 1993, I walked across a stage and was handed a scroll declaring I was a Doctor of Chiropractic, and the Chancellor said, “Now go out and help others.”

Facilitating the health of others is what I have been doing ever since. Helping many thousands of people over the years become the best they can be has been wonderful and rewarding. My wish now is to connect with a lot more folks than I can schedule in my brick and mortar office.

So, I am pursuing online communication in an effort to share the knowledge I have acquired helping others fulfill their dreams of healthy living, in anticipation of helping thousands more achieve their dreams of good health.

Peak Performance on the High Seas

The model of my life on the ranch was to work hard nurturing the animals to become the best they could be, whether a horse for working cattle, jumping fences, or trekking mountain trails. Or, a steer, sheep, chicken, or dog vying for the blue ribbon at 4-H competitions.

We lived with, and nurtured the animals when ill, provided precise nutrients, groomed them daily, exercised them to peak performance, and connected with them mind-to-mind, heart-to-heart, creating a trusted bond of living.

I want the same peak performance for people. Regardless of circumstance, I want to guide people to become the best they can be so they can feel what it is to be healthy, bursting with life, grateful to find themselves a traveler on this Golden Voyage of Life.

Hoist the Jib, Unfurl the Mainsail, Off  Your Arses and on Your Feet

The goal of the A Golden Voyage Website is to motivate people of all ages and circumstance to adopt ambitions, attitudes, and actions which will propel them on the path to the highest quality expression of health they can achieve.

Our site will provide precise protocols for improving health, regardless of the condition one may find themselves. These protocols will be informative, logical, and motivational.

People embracing the protocols expressed on the A Golden Voyage website will soon discover traveling on the path of health is exactly where they have always wanted to be. They will share their newfound exhilaration for living with family and friends, and they too will chart their course and set sail on the Golden Voyage of Life.

I am at your disposal day or night. Contact me with any questions or comments. I will respond with pleasure.

Yours In Health,

Doc Milligan

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