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Congratulations! You are engaging in your Golden Voyage to good health. You are making conscious, intelligent decisions about..

..reconnecting your conscious thinking brain with your physical body through focus, breath, full range of motion.

Doc Milligan

You are consciously aware of the foods you are putting in your mouth to supply you with the best cells possible under your personal conditions.

The issue is you are aware the foods you have access to are not supplying you with the nutrients you would like to have and you are considering taking supplements.

So let’s explore the involved topic of Natural Health and Supplements.

Down The Food Canal It Goes

Let’s begin the exploration of supplementation of nutrients for the human body with an overview of the system that ultimately is responsible for making nutrients available to the body.

The system that makes nutrients palatable to our bodies is housed in the Alimentary Canal.

This canal starts with the mouth and ends with the anus. It is basically a tubular structure that is outside of the body. Even though, it is inside our bodies.

Another way to look at it is that it is possible to put something in the mouth, swallow it passing down the esophagus into the stomach, through the 20 feet of small intestine, then 5 feet of large intestine and finally out of the canal through the anus and have never become part of the body.

So it was in the body, and not of the body.

Feed the Bacteria

We are under the misconception that what we eat is what is feeding our bodies. Not so. For the most part what we eat is feeding the billions, and billions of bacteria in our guts.

The substances they produce is what feeds our bodies. Furthermore, there are beneficial bacteria, and malevolent bacteria in our guts constantly vying for supremacy.

Consuming foods from Categories 1,2,3 are gobbled up by the beneficial bacteria and they produce the finest quality nutrients for the human body.

Categories 123

The microvilli lining the small intestine happily harvest these products out of the canal and into the body to be distributed through the bloodstream and become new cells and energy of the body.

Consuming foods from Category 4 are gobbled up by the malevolent bacteria and their products manage to breach the walls of the small intestine and invade the body causing disruption, calamity and ultimately illness.


Feeding the beneficial bacteria becomes our goal for good health. The foods in Categories 1,2,3 are “Alive,” if you will.

The nutrition they contain is in a state of bio-availability for the bacteria.

The bio-availability in food results from the amounts, combinations, and bonding of the vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, co-factors, enzymes, antioxidants, fiber, etc.

When we create supplements in capsular, liquid, and powder form we disrupt this balance of bio-availability, this synergy of life.

30 Billion Dollar Question

Will this disruption of synergy be off-putting to the beneficial bacteria? Will they consume the nutrients in capsular, liquid, or powder form and still produce the nutrition our bodies can absorb?

Supplements equals money

That is the $30 billion question. Just the American population spends this much money each year.

I figure why not?

If I know I am not consuming an adequate amount of high quality, nourishing foods, and instead choosing to forage from Category 4, why not at least try to provide the constituent parts of good foods to my system.

Who Knows Maybe They Will Adapt?

Perhaps the beneficial bacteria will adapt and may even prefer their nutrients pre extracted and or condensed from natural sources.

Who knows, they may even prefer artificial, or synthetically manufactured vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. Long term studies have been inconclusive in these regards.

Hundreds and hundreds of nutritional studies have been conducted by reputable scientists over years and years regarding supplementation. Some conclude yay, other’s say nay.

Say Yay

I say yay and to start with whole food supplements. At least the ingredients were in the 1,2,3 Category foods at one time in their life. Pay attention to how your body responds to the addition of a whole food supplement and decide for yourself.

Give at least a six-month trial. Who knows, it may be just the ticket to tide you over until you incorporate more and more Category 1,2,3 foods into your daily diet.

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Super Blue Green Algae

Super Blue Green Algae capsules

One of my favorite whole food supplements is Super Blue Green Algae harvested from Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon, USA. I believe it to be the only place on earth it now grows naturally and fit for human consumption.

This particular algae only grows in this lake due to the nutrient rich soils in the surrounding mountain ranges whose rain waters have been draining into this lake for thousands of years. Their soils came from the volcanic eruption of Mount Mazama 7,700 years ago.

In order for Super Blue Green Algae to grow, highly nutritious soil, and pure, clear water must be available in abundance. Upper Klamath Lake is that place.

I have personally gone for a swim in the lake during full algae bloom. It is invigorating to see and feel. The algae glean oxygen from the water and rise to the surface bathing in the sun’s rays undergoing photosynthesis.

When they have had their fill they expel the oxygen and sink to the bottom for more nutrients. In this way rise and fall in the lake.

Super Blue Green Algae is chock-full of natures finest nutrients. It is a great whole food supplement.

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Miracle Claims

The problem with supplementing is the endless products claiming to perform miracles if you only try it. And seeming miracles do happen for lots of people. And for other’s not a thing changes by taking it.

The overwhelming majority of people who take supplements regularly are among the healthiest in the given population.

They eat well, exercise on a regular basis, are generally well-educated.

Spend their time working at what they enjoy and have discretionary income to devote to health.

Will they be healthy without taking supplements? I would say yes if they consumed foods from Categories 1,2,3.

And if their lifestyle finds them in Category 4 choices, supplementing is a terrific option. Especially if they continue to look toward, and ultimately end up in the Category 1,2,3 camp in the future.

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